Lady Lions Volleyball Having Terrific Season

Article and Photo by Daniela Garcia
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By Daniela Garcia 

The Lady Lions Volleyball team started their season off 3-4 tripling their win record from last year.  

This year there is a lot of talent on the court and the drive to win pushes the girls to play their best. They are working hard in practice has shown out on the court. 

“We might not be a power house team but we’re fighters. We win our points by playing smart and staying together as a team,” said seniors Stacey Saunders, Megan Stanton, Lindsay Little and junior Jaisha Webb. 

Being united as a team, and working hard together helps the girls defeat there opponent.  

“You have your set of friends then you have your volleyball family,” said senior Stacey Saunders. 

The team consists of 9 freshman, 8 sophomores, 8 juniors and 3 seniors. The team is coached by Scott Nelson and April Mangum. 

Come out and support the Lady Lions at their next home math October 4 in the main gym.