NHS Largest in PHS School History

By Audrey Miller
NHS induction.jpg

By Audrey Miller

            On Wednesday, September 28, Payson High’s National Honor Society held their annual induction banquet to kick off the year. With 100 members, Payson’s NHS membership is the largest in school history. The Honor Society is made up of juniors and seniors that have at least a 3.75 GPA, so this is an exciting thing to have happening at PHS.

            With the banquet hall filled to the brim with NHS members and loved ones, Co-President Mercedes John considered the event a success.

            “It was great! I enjoyed meeting and welcoming the many new members to National Honor Society.”

            NHS is a service organization.

            “As a club we are dedicated to serving others, and developing leadership qualities,” said John.

            A few of the NHS activities include a Sub for Santa drive, service projects for the homeless shelter, and serving at The Food and Care Coalition monthly.

            2011 – 2012 Payson High School, National Honor Society members include: Aysia Abbott, Kallie Alexander, Brayden Ames, Brittney Anderson, KD Apgood, Jake Barker, Carlie Beckert, Katelyn Bell, Austin Birchett, Jakenzie Brown, Tayler Brown, Jade Brutin, Meika Burrell, Miranda Callaway, Braden Clark, Sara Coleman, Kaylee Cook, Kaleb Crabb, Jordyn Earl, Keaton Evans, Stewart Evans, Maria Farias, Kate Flint, Cole Ford, Hannah Ford, Taylor Frazier, Daniela Garcia, Itsarery Garcia, Kaden Goodall, Melissa Green, Katelyn Hannifin, Brayden Hansen, Shanlee Hansen, Haylee Harris, Logan Hawkings, Tyler Hawkins, Grace Heaps, Chloe Holman, Gillian Howden, Jacob Humphreys, Miranda Hyer, Mercedes John, Kade Jensen, Briana Johnson, Jakob Johnson, Trenton Kearl, Tarah Kershaw, Desseraie Longman, James Lopez, Lauren Menlove, Emilee Merrill, Audrey Miller, Annie Mills, Kandace Morrison, Quinton Morse, Larisa Mullen, Katie Nelson, Tanner Newbold, Cheyenne Nuttall, Jessica Owens, Mekinzey Parks, Noelle Peck, Brandon Peterson, Alyssa Pieper, Katherine Pieper, Zack Preece, Ginger Rieske, Adric Reynolds, Janessa Reynoso, Daniel Richman, Erin Robbins, Ashlee Rowley, Brett Rowley, Erika Rowley, Rachel Rowley, Skyler Rowley, Kimberly Skousen, Brittny Snow, Heather Sorensen, Meagen Stanton, Joshua Tracy, Stacie Tranchell, Kari Thompson, Elizabeth Turner, Bethany Vanmoos, McKell Wall, Rachelle Wilkinson, Jordan Wood, and Justin Wride.

            National Honor Society Officers Include:  Presidents Mercedes John and Audrey Miller; Vice President Meagen Stanton; Secretary James Lopez; Historian Bret Rowley and Public Relations Manager Katie Nelson.