PHS Cheer Tours Calfornia

By Braden Clark
Cheerleaders California.JPG

By Braden Clark

Payson High cheerleaders travel out of state to the most magical place in the world, Disneyland.  Along with Disneyland the cheer team also went to the beach.

            “Surfer boys are really nice to cheerleaders.” said Ariane Keele.

            The cheer team travelled to California at the brink of dawn, waking up at 3 a.m. to catch their plane ride.

            “I hate waking up at that time!  It made me so tired for the rest of the trip!” Said an exhausted Taryn Ramos

            The cheer team also went to the Knotts Berry farms, where there was a haunted house; you could probably guess what happened there.  From Ariane Keele bursting into tears and to Taylor Salazar yelling at the people and saying that they are not scary.

            “That was my favorite part, especially when Ariane started to cry.” Taryn Ramos said.

            The cheerleaders were practicing every day before school for the last 2 weeks to train for tour.

            “After we got done performing all of us fell asleep in the hall outside of the stage we were performing on.  People had to climb over us but we didn’t really care,” said Ariane Keele.

            “We built really good friendships over this tour, especially when our moms acted like children.  I felt that we were the adults most of the time,” said Morgan Menlove.

            “California was fun and all but I am so glad to be home now!” Said Taryn Ramos