PHS Cheer

Landon Penrod

By Landon Penrod

You probably aren’t the only one who have noticed the cheerleaders this year.  They are a beautiful and talented this year, like always.  Here is the inside scoop—things you many have not known or imagined that the seniors cheerleaders do.

Anna Fordiani:

“Well, Anna is in my stunt group and I kinda hit her in the face a lot.” Milena Farias

“I didn’t know that blue cheese was rotten and she still thinks that I am dumb.” Addie Ford

“She has the best lifeguard tan line I have ever seen.” Raquel Williams

“One time she gave me a concussion.” Savanna Gillies

Ariane Keele:

“One time I kicked Ariane in the head and gave her a concussion.” Camri Jensen

“Ariane is as fast as a Gazelle.” Alexandra White

“I’m pretty convinced that Ariane is half rabbit because she is always eating vegetables and healthy foods like lettuce.” Milena Farias

“Over the summer me and Ariane worked cherries together and she’s pretty cray-cray on no sleep.” Savanna Gillies

Sabrina Brost:

“Back in the good old junior high days; me, Bean, and Sav TA’d for Mrs. Cook and we would rub her shoulders and she would give us treats.” Milena Farias

“One time Bean was calling a stunt and it was a Yoyo, but she said YOLO.” Addie Ford

“Well no one knows for sure, but rumor has it on the cheer team that Bean has six toes.” Raquel Williams

“One time at lunch:  me, Bean, and some other Sickits got in a car accident and we just used it as an excuse to take a long lunch.” Savanna Gillies

Elle Sorensen:

“So Elle has this disorder called snapping turrets, and she snaps all the time.” Camri Jenson

“Last year Elle had a really rough time because she dated this Sickit boy, he was just really bad for her.  It was just a really trashy stage in her life.” Milena Farias

“Me and Elle like to have some crazy adventures in our teepee.” Raquel Williams

“Last year for spring break we hiked up P Mountain and had a campout.” Savanna Gillies

McKenna Draper:

“Mckenna loves the smell of puppy breath.” Camri Jenson

“During the summer, Kenna has this really weird tree called a Potawatomie, and we ate too many Potawatomie’s and we got diarrhea and were pooping for days.” Milena Farias

“Kenna makes the best shakes.” Raquel Williams


“For my birthday last year, Kenna gave me three cats.” Savanna Gillies