New Teacher Ms. Garff

Erika Gee

 By Erika Gee

  Ms. Garff, the new chemistry teacher at PHS, is one of the most interesting teachers that you will ever meet. Not only does she have a crush on the Amazing Spider Man, but she also plays the penny whistle, and enjoys playing Super Smash Bros.


                Ms. Garff is from West Jordan, Utah where she lived her whole life. She attended Copper Hills High School and then went to BYU. After doing well in chemistry, she got a job helping to teach undergrad chemistry students at BYU. This is what got her interested in teaching.

                Her favorite part of teaching at Payson High School so far is getting students into groups and watching them interact with each other.

                “I like watching the look on the student’s faces when they start to understand something. It’s like they’re having a light bulb moment,” said Ms. Garff.

                If you ever wanted to brown-nose Ms. Garff, here are some important things that you should know. Her favorite color is blue, she loves food (chicken cordon blue, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, brownies with mint ice cream and hot fudge just to name a few).

                If Ms. Garff could be any animal she would be a red tailed hawk because they are smart, they are cool looking, they can fly and they are at the top of the food chain. Also, if she could live anywhere in the world she would live in Arizona.

                “I don’t like cold weather, I like to wear shorts and t-shirts,” said Ms. Garff.