PHS and Salem Hills Come Toegther to Serve the People of Haiti

By Justin Craig

                On January 12, 2010, Haiti was struck by a catastrophic earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 destroying many homes, buildings and orphanages. Since that time, The Foundation for Children in Need has been raising money to send a Utah-based construction crew to Haiti to rebuild the “Enfants of Jesus” orphanage. On Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010; Payson High School and Salem Hills High School joined forces for one cause, one purpose and one thing in mind, to raise money to help Haiti. The night kicked off with Payson’s Concert Choir singing The Star Spangled Banner arranged by Debi Johanson. PHS Jazz Band followed this with songs from the Haitian Fight Song, Muy Caliente, Danny Boy and Play that Funky Music. PHS Jazz Band rocked the house while dancing around with their instruments and keeping it exciting! The SHHS Jazz Bad was up next they shocked us all playing songs from Basie, Straight Ahead, Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most and Area 51. SHHS Jazz Band was good and afterwards a Salem Student turned back to us and said that’s right that’s Salem! This is what happened next, from the back the sound of Scotland, yes that’s right it was the PHS Pipeband, as they marched down the aisle, the audience was in awe.   After they played their songs, someone from the back yells take that Salem! This was the end of the first half of this benefit concert. Other than purchasing tickets to get in, people could buy raffle tickets and bid at a silent auction, where the public could bid on donated items.
                After fifteen long minutes it was time to go back and listen to PHS Concert Choir, Men’s Ensemble and Chamber Singers, they sang songs from a non-instrumental orchestra piece, the William Tell Overture, Danny Boy, Loch Lomond (Solos by Sam Kidd and Spencer Kersh), That Ever I Saw, Kalinda, My Good Lord’s Done Been Here (Solos by Rachel Hansen and Landon Hale). Next was the SHHS Singers and Concert Choir. They sang Psalm 43, My Redeemer Lives, Be Thou My Vision, Goin’ Up to Glory.   The Concert went out with a bang, a mellow, humble bang when the Payson High School Choir sang Prayer of the Children.
                Isn’t it so great that Payson and Salem High Schools, even though bitter rivals, came together after a catastrophic event, shocked the world. Even though there was a few students that still saw it as a competition, the event brought people together, schools together and the world together. At the end of the night the event raised over 6500 dollars. The foundation still needs 3500 dollars to take the trip to Haiti, to donate more visit and go to the “Donate” tab, and then select “Construction Crew.” They hope to leave by mid-February, thank you for being so generous! “These are beautiful children living in unbelievable circumstances. So, thank you so much!” said Rebecca Maesato, FCIN founder.