Payson Youth Council Goes to Leadership Conferece

By Sarah Rose Webber
logan conference.jpg

Payson Youth City Council members Marianne Carpenter, Corinna Michaelis, Sarah Webber, Teal Penrod, Kaitlyn Thomas, Stephanie Dimond, Kevin Saunders, Nikki, Chase Michaelis, and their Amazing Advisor Wendy Dimond attended the Annual Youth City Council Leadership Institute held at Utah State University march 18-20th. They spent an inspiring weekend learning what it takes to be a great effective leader, and growing together to become a better-serving Payson Youth Council. At their conference there was the world renowned keynote speaker Dan Clark who talked about the power of influence one has to make a difference. John Schmitt, world renowned pianist for many of his songs, including the YouTube hit “Love Story meets Love Story” came and preformed a concert that compared to a Beatles’ concert in the sixties. Of course, the council attended a lot of breakout sessions where they learned life-long leadership qualities as well. For part of the conference Payson YCC became the teacher, and taught their own interactive breakout session where they taught vision, preparation, and dealing with disaster skills to youth councils from all over Utah.
                The council’s definite favorite of the conference was when the Mayor Rick Moore and Councilman Scott Phillips came up to the conference. The two came up and attended their council’s breakout session, and then ate with the council at the banquet dinner. For the entire dinner Mayor and Councilman kept the Youth Council laughing. Kaitlyn Thomas, a member of Payson YCC, said “I dig the mayor’s sweet gangsta walk”, referring to Rick Moore’s attempt to ‘walk like a gangster’ after the dinner. Senior Marianne Carpenter said “My only regret is that Rick Moore wasn’t our mayor when I joined Youth Council three years ago”. There is an admirable support, care and belief that Mayor Moore is has for Payson Youth Council. Mayor Moore and Scott Phillips also drove the Youth Council up to the capital for legislative day, and have the Youth Council shadow them in City Council Meetings. It is inspiring the council to believe in themselves and to try even harder to be better leaders. Interested in joining Payson Youth City Council ages 14-18 call Wendy Dimond 801-465-8245