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Penny For Your Thoughts?

Submitted by kate.searle on Thu, 12/10/2015 - 18:53
By: Ben Phillips
At the Penny Wars assembly

Every year the three classes of Payson High compete in a competitive competition known as “Penny Wars.” Each class (Sophomore, Junior, and Senior) chooses whether to help themselves with pennies and dollars or decrease the rivals’ score with silver coins. The proceeds are given to families in need for the holidays. We often take for granted the simple things that we have, while others struggle to survive each day.

On Wednesday, November 18 the Penny Wars assembly kicked off the beginning of this financial fest. A series of mini games (hosted by the student council) tested the speed, witt, and overall greatness of each representing competitor. The final contest displayed itself as a mighty relay race. With Seniors winning the battle, they generously used the opportunity to reduce the score of Sophomores to a meer -100.

Throughout the following weeks, members of the student council carried with them a vessel for fortuitous deposits. Unexpectedly, the Sophomores not only rose from the negatives, but also gained the lead. By the end of the contest, Seniors pulled ahead, winning the competition.

The purpose of Penny Wars is to promote the gift of giving to those in need. Many generous donations were given during the duration of the “war”, and now some of our struggling students may have a better Christmas.