PHS Drama Performs Peter Pan for Local Elementary School Kids

By Ryan Shumway
PETER PAN! 2 035.jpg

"Second star to the right, and straight on `til morning" Is the way to the Neverland! The children’s play Peter Pan was just Astounding. Written for elementary school kids and performed May 4th through the 6th, it was just smashing! Kids from all around came to watch the epic story unfold on the Payson High stage. “My favorite part was yelling at all the little kids” said Alex Jensen. Just a little over half an hour long Peter Pan (Michael Marsh) and Tinker Bell (Autumn Allinson) take Wendy (Teal Penrod), John (Jake Allinson), and Michael (Justin Zonner) to Neverland to see Mermaids, Pirates and Indians! Captain Hook (Alex Jensen) and Peter Pan contend with each other for supremacy of Neverland itself. We all know the ending, Peter Pan takes the family back to their home because they have to grow up eventually. “It was a lot of fun, I got to work with kids and make them smile, being a little kid on stage is always a good thing to do” Said Michael Marsh. This play was a real treat, a combination of talent and passion that brought the play together. If you couldn’t make it... I don’t know what to tell you besides... YOU missed out! Make it up by seeing the plays next year.