May 2017

Mr. Dane Allred

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Mr. Allred has been teaching at Payson High School for 27 years. After retirement Mr. Allred will continue to teach at BYU and will also continue acting. Mr. Allred is currently acting in a production at Sundance called “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” What he is going to miss most is harassing students. The advice that Mr. Allred has for his students is to “get to know the people you go to school with,” and also that everybody should go to college “if you can do high school you can do college.”

Connie Mattinson and Diana Steele

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Connie and Diana have been working together in the main office at Payson High School since “forever”. Mr. Ford says, “Connie has been here before I was born, and Dianna was here when I was being potty trained.” They both attended the school as students and never left. Connie and Diana were cheerleaders and the whole town had a lot of school spirit.

Mrs. Joy Benson

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Mrs. Benson has been at Payson High School from the moment it opened, she was a sophomore when the school was first built. She raised a family for the first part of her marriage, and then she started working as a substitute at the school. After working as a substitute for a while she moved on and taught home economics, after which she taught at-risk kids which she absolutely loved. An opportunity opened for Mrs. Benson when a counselor quit, so Mrs. Benson went back to school at the University of Phoenix and acquired her master's degree and became a counselor. Mrs.

Mr. Jeff Alexander

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Mr. Alexander has been working at PHS for 33 years. Mr. Alexander started teaching when only 800 students were enrolled. He says overall, students have started to work harder in class and on projects. Mr. Alexander will miss the spontaneity of his job. He will also miss the faculty and the friends he’s made while working here. Mr. Alexander is excited to spend retirement reading good books, working in his garden, and spending time with his wife. He wants all of his students to remember to “always do your best, never settle for anything less.”

Mr. Stan Robbins

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Mr. Robbins has taught at Payson High for 27 years. He has was a counselor for four years, a woodshop teacher for ten years, and a history teacher for the rest of the time. Mr. Robbins has mixed feelings about retirement. He thinks that leaving his teaching job will create a void and he will definitely miss the staff and faculty. But he’s also excited to spend time working in the woodshop, taking care of his horses, and being with his family. Mr.

Mr. Ross Nelson

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Mr. Nelson has taught at PHS for 34 years. Mr. Nelson says that most of the changes he’s seen during his time at PHS have been in the classroom. He says that student’s cell phones have brought the biggest change and forced him to change his teaching strategies. Although Mr. Nelson is retiring, he plans to continue teaching Drivers Ed and two other classes. Mr. Nelson’s advice to students is “push yourself, strive, and expect more of yourself.”

Mr. John Howden

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Mr. Howden has worked at PHS for 33 years teaching drafting and architecture classes. He says that the technology used in his classroom has changed dramatically; learning to incorporate new technology in his classroom has been one of the best parts of his job. Although Mr. Howden loves new technology, he says that the most important thing students can do is “learn how to learn” and be less dependant on technology.

Mrs. Ana Pearson

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Mrs. Pearson has worked at PHS for 15 years. She has worked in the front office, as a lunch clerk, and in the writing lab. Of all of her positions, she loved working in the front office the most. Mrs. Pearson is excited to spend time at home with her husband during retirement. Her advice to students is “go to college!”

Mrs. Elouise Bridges

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Mrs. Bridges has worked at Payson High School for 30 years. She says that of all the things that have changed here, she’s changed the most. She has loved every bit of her time at PHS and will miss her students and the faculty. She wants wants her students to know that “learning is a lifelong process, and life is what you make it. No one can make you mad, no one can make you sad. You are in control of your own destiny.” Mrs. Bridges plans to spend time traveling, visiting with her family, and remodeling her home.

Teen Night at Payson Library

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Teens are invited to attend a special night at Payson City Library on Friday, May 19 at 6 pm.  The main event for the night includes a Guardian of the Galaxy Escape Room Game.  There will also be ping pong and snacks.  Take your friends or go make some new friends.