Bright Future For Girls Golf

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Girls golf has just started and the outlook for the season is looking very promising. The coach of the girls golf team Ms. Miller has been teaching at payson for 23 years, and for 12 of those years she has been coaching girls golf. Coach Miller has won multiple Club Championships at the Payson Golf Course Gladstan, and a few Club Championships at Spanish Oaks Golf Course. Coach Miller is passing her knowledge and experience to the two newest members of the girls golf Team.

The first member is Kailie Snow, she is a Sophomore and it is her first year playing golf. Kailie is making very large strides in her golf game, she is a quick learner and will have a great year. The second member of the team is Grace Wilson, she is a Freshman and has previous experience playing golf at the Junior High with Coach Brown. Grace is already a good golf player and with the help of Coach Miller she is becoming a great player and will have a fantastic golfing season.

The team had their first meet on March 20, and they both had a blast. Coach Miller said, “They both did very well.”. Coach Miller had this to say about the two girls, “They are very encouraging, they are very positive, and they work very hard on their game.” Coach Miller also stated, “The future for girls golf is very bright, these two should do pretty well over the next couple years when they get really good.”

Kailie and Grace are both good golfers and great athletes, and with the help of Coach Miller this girls golf season will be a huge success!

By Parker Hannifin
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