DNA Captures Students’ Attention in Mr. Syme’s Biology Class

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DNA, or also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, has grasped the attention of many students in Mr. Syme’s Biology class.  This specific unit has caught the attention of sophomore, Daniel Chapman.

Daniel Chapman is interested in DNA because he is  going to pursue the study of Genetics and DNA after graduation. Daniel has always been interested in the human body and how it works. In fact, he is planning on studying in the medical field. “I have always been interested in the medical field, so I have just been trying to focus on what we are learning in biology, so I can take that in my profession later on in life.” He is thinking about pursuing the dental field.

Although DNA doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with dental work, he believes that it will help him in his chosen field. He believes that by knowing more about life and how it works that he will be able to be more prepared for his future workplace.

DNA is a really interesting topics that can the grasp the attention of all different kinds of students.  If you are interested in DNA or biology in general check out Mr. Syme’s class and sign up for next years course.

By Kyrra Lundberg of the Lion's Roar Newspaper