The epic war of Boys vs. Girls

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Gender Wars began on January 23, beginning with Sweatshirt Day.  The girls won wearing more sweatshirts than boys. However the boys tied up the score by winning at human foosball during lunch. The next day was Crazy Sock Day where everybody wore their amazing socks.  Girls received a point for wearing more crazy socks, then during lunch there was musical chairs and boys received a point.


Students were asked on Wednesday to wear patterned clothing to support their gender in the war. Girls won that challenge too by really bringing their love of patterns together. That day there was also a boy’s basketball game at Salem Hills. Students came dressed in black and were awarded points for their gender. Thursday was wear pink day, the boys won.


Freeze Tag was played during lunch which was more for fun than anything else. Friday was the big day, the assembly to finish it all! The first game was musical chairs ending with the boy’s victory. Second was what the student council called “Potato Poo” Which ended with the girls getting a point. The third game was lava monster, which the girls won. The next game was the Nasty Shakes, of which after debating it, the boys won a point, the girls failed to get all the shake into their mouths. The next game was giant tic-tac-toe, of which the girls won fairly quickly. Next game was egg blow, out of the three rounds between seniors, juniors, and sophomores the girls ended up winning two of the three.


There was a grouping game, crab ball, and a relay race which ended the girls winning streak, the boys won the battle and were crowned the kings of the Gender War.


By Sabryne Kelly of The Lion's Roar Newspaper
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