Facts about the Presidents of the United States

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  1. The blueberry flavored Jelly Bean was created for Ronald Reagan’s inauguration in 1981

  1. John Quincy Adams had a pet alligator that he kept in one of the bathtubs in the White House

  1. Andrew Jackson had a pet parrot that he taught to swear. It was a great idea, until the parrot ruined his funeral by spewing profanities during the service

  1. Instead of placing his hand on the  bible, Franklin Pierce was sworn in with a law book.

  1. President Taft is the heaviest president in the history of the United States. He got stuck in the whitehouse’s bathtub.

  1. Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair

  1. Calvin Coolidge had someone rub Vaseline on his head each morning as he ate breakfast

  1. Bill Clinton has two Grammys
By Kylee Wharton of the Lion's Roar Newspaper