Leaving a Legacy

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As many of us are aware, this is the last year, at Payson High, for many of our most beloved teachers. Among these, are some of this state’s finest educators, and some of our finest mentors. Of course, their leaving upsets us greatly, but we are more than grateful for the opportunity we had to be their students.

 These teachers may be leaving Payson High, but their legacies will live on forever. As these teachers move on to bigger and better things, what will we remember about them? For many students here at Payson High, we will remember their dedication to the future generations. These teachers have dedicated their lives and careers to bettering the world. They have spent hours upon hours of their free time preparing lessons, grading our work, and even just thinking and worrying about us. Their commitment shouldn’t go unnoticed. We owe them so much.

 Each of these teachers has influenced us in unique ways. We will never forget the way Mr. Alexander seemed to be able to lecture forever or the way Mrs. Bridges made us sing and dance to the ten grammar rules. It is impossible to forget Mr. Robbins’ endless bookshelf of History Channel videos or Mr. Nelson's enthusiasm for safe driving. We will never forget these memories. We sure owe a lot to them.

 During this, the fourth and final term of this year, be sure to thank your teachers. Thank the ones that will return next year and those that won’t. These teachers spend so much time inside and outside of the classroom, and they deserve to be thanked.

By: Emily Miller