An Ocean Of Possibility's At FishBowl

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On February 15 a group of 29 Payson High students gathered together in the counseling computer lab to head on a special field trip to a company called Fishbowl. Fishbowl is a company that sells and advanced inventory management software. Fishbowl helps either private customers and/or businesses keep track of sales history and inventory they have yet to sell. One very big corporation that uses this software is NASA. NASA uses it too keep track of things that they send to the International Space Station.

 There are many different jobs and opportunities at Fishbowl and one student at Payson even got an internship by going on the field trip. Kylee Wharton, a senior here at PHS, is working with the marketing department. “The people there are fun and energetic. It’s a great environment.”  She said after her first day. She is working with a smaller company that has been started inside Fishbowl called BoxStorm. She was able to makeup her own company and track its supplies to help her understand it more. She genuinely loves Fishbowl and is excited about the things she can do there.

Mrs.Hair would love to plan another trip up to Fishbowl this spring, she believes, “It has something to offer a wide variety of the school's population.” If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to go with the school to tour the company please go talk to Mrs.Hair (her office is located in the counseling lab) and if she gets enough interest she says that she will try to plan another field trip.

By Kyle Lott of The Lion's Roar Newspaper