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As I continue my fourth and final term of high school, I try and remember all the good times I had. Sadly, the truth is I have had more bad memories than good. I am a firm believer that this was caused by not wanting to participate in the various activities offered by the high school.  I had the opportunity to attend 3 different high schools including, Timpview High, Salem High, and Payson High. All three of these schools were filled with outstanding school spirit, fun/enthusiastic teachers, and of course, multiple school activities. My mistake? Not participating in any of the activities offered by these schools.

Throughout all of highschool I liked to keep to myself, that was my first mistake. I found whenever I actually talked to new people and made an effort to try to get along with them, I enjoyed the class more. An example would be during my freshman year back in TImpview high school. I was keeping to myself like always and like most freshman’s, their was that one student who wanted all the attention and tried to make the whole class laugh. Obviously with my immature self I laughed pretty hard alongside one other student their by the name of Osvaldo. We both caught onto this and started talking to each other. We ended up becoming really good friends and I decided to meet all of his other friends. They all made that school much more enjoyable than what it was before I met them. When I moved back to Elk Ridge it was very hard to say goodbye to them due the friendship we built.

Transferring to Salem, I had a tough time with everyone their. Don’t get me wrong it was fun to finally get to attend high school with one of my long time friends, but Salem wasn't really a good fit for someone like me. When I transferred here to Payson High, I knew very few people and wanted to keep it that way. Luckily for me, most people in my classes conversated with me and made me feel welcomed. Being the hard headed human being I am, I tended to choose to not to talk to any of the individuals that would try to talk to me.

Looking back to this, I regret what I did. I now realize that I could have met some amazing people had I just sucked it up and talked to them. So to all the sophomores becoming juniors  and to all the juniors becoming seniors, my advice to you, participate in all of the activities possible, meet all the people you possibly can, and most importantly, don't look for a relationship. If something is meant to be it will work itself out in the future. Also, make sure not to get behind on any school work.

By James Hernandez of the Lion's Roar Newspaper
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