Payson High School's Biggest Fans

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There is a classroom inside of this school that not very many of you know about. When you walk inside the North East doors of our school, turn right, the first classroom to your left often goes unnoticed. This classroom is Mrs. Liddle’s classroom. Mrs. Liddle is the teacher of a 17 students. These are no ordinary students, these are some of the most extraordinary students this school has ever known. Mrs. Liddle teaches a Utah Community Based Transition (UCBT) class, here at Payson High School. These special ed students are some of the most fun and energetic kids I have ever met. They are all very talented in their own ways. And what they all want most, is to have fun, and be friends with all of us students.

Mrs. Liddle says the best part about working in this class is, “The kids are fun to work with, their appreciative, they like to be at school, their sad when they can’t come. It’s fun having all the different personalities.” These kids are amazing kids, they are always smiling, and love to have a good time. Their favorite extracurricular class is Law Enforcement, it is the most popular class for these kids to go to. Here’s one more quote from Mrs. Liddle, about all of the friends these kids have outside of the classroom. “We have some students that have friends outside of the class.” “This year, when I walk down the the hall with them, I hear lots of people say hi to them, and this year Leah ran for Junior Homecoming Queen.” These kids love to be involved in the same things that all of YOU are involved in.


Mrs Liddle said this about us as a student body. “I liked to say how much I appreciate the student body this year, and how welcoming they have been this year!”

Article by: Michelle Rushton of the Lions Roar Newspaper