PHS Wins First Place at Japanese Sports Festival

Submitted by kate.searle on Tue, 10/31/2017 - 10:40

Payson High School Japanese students proved that they don’t just practice the Japanese language all day when they took first place in the first ever multi-school Japanese Sports Festival, held at Skyridge High School up in Lehi on October ninth. “It looked like we got third place, but after a recount, we actually won first place,” says Mrs. Berrio, the school’s Japanese teacher, “We were on a team with Salem Hills High School, which was a lot of fun. So instead of being rivals, we were friendly and won together.”

Among some of the activities that took place at the sports festival, the most popular that japanese students participated in were obstacle courses, Horse War - a game kind of like “Chicken,” a pinecone toss, blindfold art, human spelling in which they spelled out japanese characters, tug of war, bento contests, and etc. “It was really fun, and the food was amazing! Why don’t we continue elementary school-style field trips into high school?” Reflected japanese student Ford McClellan.

“U.S. schools should do “Undokai” (sports day) also,” said japanese student Angela Barreda, “It's fun and unites classes.” All in all, make sure to congratulate japanese students on giving PHS a good rep, and look forward to more annual Japanese Sport Festival’s in the future.

By: Talbie Oberg of the Lions Roar Newspaper
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