Sarah Kron- New Teacher At Payson High School

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Ms. Kron started teaching this year & is excited to be at Payson High and share her love for teaching Spanish/English to the students. Ms. Kron’s (soon to be Mrs. Noll’s) aspirations led her to our school, and now we have a new amazing Spanish/ English teacher and she got her dream job. When asked what she liked about Payson, she responded, “I love everything about Payson High School so far! I have felt welcomed (by our awesome principal & assistant principals!) since my first job interview, and every day just gets better and better. Faculty and students alike - everyone is so kind and willing to lend a helping hand!” Hopefully students and faculty keep impressing Ms. Kron throughout the year and years to come.

Article by: Alfonso De La Torre of The Lion’s Roar Newspaper