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Demons are the spawns of Lucifer, who come up from Hell, common knowledge right? In this thrilling five book series readers are taken to the city of Atlanta where 17 year old Riley Blackthorne lives among these Hellspawn. Trapping demons isn’t the most ideal job a girl could have but it’s the one Riley’s good at. Following in her father's footsteps Riley is slowly trying to become more then Paul Blackthorne’s little girl.

Fighting with every ounce of her soul Riley takes down foul mouthed demons, all while trying to balance school. The Trappers Guild, the big guys in charge of all demon trapping, are in dire need of help against the raging population of demons, which probably explains why Riley, the only girl trapper, is allowed her trapping license.

As tragedy strikes Riley and the all of the Trappers Guild, Riley isn’t just fighting for her life but also her heart, as she struggles to figure out exactly what is going on down in Hell.

In this five book series, not including a four point five novella, Riley not only fights demons but Lucifer himself as she tries to keep peace between Heaven and Hell. Not to mention the war raging within her heart. This is a great series for teens who love Demons and Angels books, and who are alright with diving into a series.

By Sabryne Kelly of the Lion's Roar Newspaper
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