Students learn to communicate in the business world

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We live in a world where the majority of all students are glued to their smartphones or some other kind of device. Students are texting and snapchatting all day every day, but they don’t know how to communicate in a business setting. In Mrs. Stanley’s English class she is eliminating this problem by preparing her students for communication in a business environment.

Each day Mrs. Stanley’s students work in groups to complete some kind of communication challenge. The latest communication challenge was the “Sender-Receiver Challenge.” The students got into groups and one sender was chosen to communicate to multiple receivers. The sender’s job was to describe four different pictures to the receivers, and the receiver’s job was to create the picture the sender was describing out of bits of paper without ever getting to see the pictures. This forced the sender to describe the pictures in great detail so the receiver could make their picture as accurate as possible. Through this challenge the senders were learning to be clear and concise when communicating and the receivers were learning the importance of listening and paying close attention when someone is communicating an idea to you.

Brayden Elmer, a senior in Mrs. Stanley’s class said,  “I feel like [this business communication unit] will really help me in the future.” Brayden also said he really liked the business communication portfolio the students worked on that included business email formats, letters of recommendation, and other very useful business communication documents.

Seth Slade said, “ I think it can be helpful but there is also a lot of busy work.” Seth also stated, “It gives you lots of useful skills to use at your job.” Brock Christensen said, “Hopefully it is helpful for the future and I will actually use it in my life.” Christensen added, “The letters of recommendation and the resume will help better my applications for future jobs.”

Good communication is vital in students’ future careers.Mrs. Stanley’s communication challenges and business communication unit are ensuring that her students have the necessary skills to succeed in the future.

By Parker Hannifin of The Lion's Roar Newspaper