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September 2012

Marching Band Returns from Competition

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/28/2012 - 13:40
By Jenna Haroldsen and Cherilyn Elder

By Jenna Haroldsen and Cherilyn Elder          

         When it’s time for competition, marching band gets up early and goes home late. Their first competition of the season was on Saturday, September 22, at Utah State University. Percussion placed 2nd overall.  Although they did not score as high overall as they would have liked, band members remain enthusiastic. 

“We make an impression, and make a name for ourselves,” said Canyen Heimuli.

Seussical the Musical Begins

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/28/2012 - 13:38
By Emily Garrett

By Emily Garrett


            On Monday, September 10, the process for Seussical the Musical began with nerve-wracking auditions. The next day, about 30 selected students arrived at call-backs, working hard to claim their desired role. The director, Mr. Allred, was thrilled that so many talented people wanted to be involved.

            “It's not what I expected, but it'll be awesome! We have a great cast!” said Brandon Peterson (the Cat in the Hat) after the cast list was posted.

Quarterbacks and Injury

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Story By Brigham Flint, Photo By Grey
Devan Judd.jpg

By Brigham Flint          

            As many students know, this past month Payson football team captain and quarterback Devan Judd was injured in an away game against Maple Mountain. He was diagnosed with a quad contusion and strained ligament in his knee.

The injury resulted in him having to sit out a game and a half. The team was in surprise and shock, but stepped it up.

PHS Fan of the Month: Mckenna Wilson

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By Brayden Clark
Picture 248.jpg

By Braden Clark

                In sports history fans have been known for their crazy outfits and passion for the game.  One team you instantly think of is the Black Hole in Oakland.  Oakland Raider fans are known for their passion and fear they put into opposing fans.

                For this month our insane fan is Mckenna Wilson, with her black polka-dot tutu and PHS face paint.

                “I love Payson so much, I have so much lion pride its crazy!” said senior Mckenna Wilson.

PHS Darkhorse: Ciera Lundberg

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/28/2012 - 13:23
By Maygan Straight
Ciera Lundberg.jpg

By Maygan Straight

Ciera Lundberg might not be the Dark Horse of the soccer team, but these girls are definitely the unsung heroes of PHS. Even though the girls have gone 3-2 in region, you’ll seldom see them on the headlines of the paper.

Ciera is a junior this year and starts on the Lady Lion’s soccer team. She’s been a starting player since her sophomore year. Number 11 and the teams forward, she’s having a great season so far with 10 goals so far.

PHS Tennis: Absolutely Smashing

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 09/26/2012 - 08:18
By McKell Wall

By McKell Wall      

       Payson High School’s very own Girls’ varsity tennis team recently went down to participate in the Green Valley Resorts Tennis Tournament. As a team they played 5 matches against teams that were there from throughout the state of Utah. The Varsity Team consisting of Mckell Wall, McKenzie Lybert, Brenna Menlove, Rachel Black, Megan Snow, Olivia Fordiani, and Sara Black went down the weekend of September 14 and played in the extreme heat to the best they could.

PHS Cross Country Team Leads Region

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 09/25/2012 - 11:44
By Brigham Flint

               Cross country is a sport that is not often as publicized as other athletic events. But over the past month, the Payson High School cross country team has dominated in the various meets they have competed in.

              “More so than in years passed, our team has caught the vision of work,” said head coach David Rockwood. Thus far, they have been undefeated among Region 12 competitors.

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