April 2014

Sing a little, sing a little, la la la, sing a little, sing a little, la la la, sing a little, sing a little, la la la, sing a little, sing a little, la la la, la la la la la la la la la la

By Cherilyn Elder

On Friday, May 23, Payson High Choirs present a showcase of songs from animated movies, including songs from Frozen, Hercules, and the Little Mermaid.  This concert is different from the others in that the students wear t-shirts and jeans.  The songs are more fun, obviously, and include choreography.  Small group numbers are a highlight of the evening. 

PHS Announces Graduation Speakers

By Jamie Finch

As graduation draws closer, everyone has been wondering who will be speaking at the joyous occasion; the last speeches they will ever hear from their peers in high school.  Ali Apgood, Kaila Birchett, Callie Cheney, and McKinley McMullin are feeling the immense pressure to make their families and teachers proud.  Regardless, these girls are prepared to dazzle their senior class with the great memories of high school through creative spoken word. 

PHS Track: Fear None

By Lexi Carter

Respect all, fear none, this is the motto the Payson track team lives by. They know the importance of having respect not only for their teammates but for the other team as well. We have all heard the saying that respect is earned, not given. You have to prove that you are worthy of someone’s respect, they are not going to just hand it out like candy on Halloween. These incredible athletes have worked hard to earn the respect of their coaches, their team and also the opposing teams.

PHS Student Marley Lee Wins BYU Video Contest

By Preston Penrod

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win a contest at BYU? Marely Lee knows how that feels. Marely is a student here at Payson High, and she won the video portion of the BYU contest: Getting Ready. I was able to ask Marely a few questions about the contest to find out more information.

Q: What was the video about?