May 2016

Newspaper staff iHopping out

Lion's Roar Newspaper Staff

A year filled with stressful deadlines, creative minds, friendships made, and lots of pride is coming to a close for the Lion’s Roar Newspaper Staff. The staff worked hard to produce a newspaper that the students would enjoy, and make everyone proud. Day in and day out we’ve enjoyed working hard to represent our school to the best of our ability, and we hope everyone has enjoyed our masterpieces. The staff would like to give a big thanks to our readers, and an even bigger thanks to the student body of Payson High School. We’d also like to thank our awesome advisor, Mrs.

Dance Company Showcase

Picture and Article By Sabryne Kelly

On May 5, 2016 PHS Social Dance Too performed their Waltz to the song “Why you Wanna” at their dance company showcase. There were five couples consisting of: Michelle Rushton & Cory Koetje, Mckell Wright & Magnum Gettling, Jacob Hanks & Sarah Black, Ben Rowley & Aubrey Marsh, Josh Morgan & Melanie Ward. The girls wore purple shirts with black skirts and they looked very uniformed and professional. The boys all wore white shirts with black pants. Payson was represented very well by our dancers in Social Too.


Open Gyms for Volleyball Begin

Brooke Barnett, Photo from Google Images

 Volleyball tryouts are coming up this August which makes now a great time to prepare for them. Volleyball open gyms are held Tuesday and Thursday nights, starting at 5:00, and going until 7:00 pm. The coaches are Coach Eliason, and Coach Mott. Coming to the volleyball open gyms is a great way to get practice, as well as to get the coaches attention. At the open gyms, you will be doing warm ups and drills that will help to improve your volleyball skills. If you are interested in playing volleyball this coming year, these open gyms will definitely not be a waste of your time!

Provo Bike Trip

Ben Phillips

On Tuesday, May 3, Mrs. Miller’s B3 class participated in a biking trip. This journey started in Provo, lasted for 20 miles, and ended in Thanksgiving Point. Being a small class, staying together and finishing fast was no difficult task.

The class met at the start of first period, and left in the suburbans to Provo. Although tired by the end, no student was injured, and each had a great experience to remember.

Payson High’s Boys Tennis Team

By: Ryan Craig

On Wednesday 27th 2016 Payson High’s very own boys tennis team won big against Delta High School. Both JV and Varsity contributed to a great win with only a couple of losses. This match was the last match before JV regions. Everyone on JV is very excited and is preparing their hardest.

Check out May's Online Magazine

PHS Broadcast Journalism Class

This month's edition of The Mane Street Journal is a special one, for two reasons. First, this month's magazine is purely video content, and second, this is the last online edition of the magazine this school year. There will however be a print edition that will come out later this month comprised of all articles. Remember, as always, this edition is completely student produced and generated. If you are a student interested in participating in the creation of next year's magazine, talk to your counselor and get signed up to take Broadcast Journalism.

First Annual Trivia Tournament

Picture and Article By: Sabryne Kelly

 On Monday May 16th - Friday May 20th Payson High will have their first Annual Trivia Tournament! The topics could be anything but the challenge and the competition is real. Each round will last around 20 minutes and will be put on the Pride. There will be 2-3 rounds played per class period on Monday-Thursday. The last two teams will compete against each other Friday night just before the Stomp at our Senior All Nighter.

Is it time to give baseball fans more protection?

Haley Dixon

On the front of every major/minor league baseball ticket fans can find their section, row, and seat number. But the message on the back of the baseball ticket may be more important. The back of a baseball ticket warns about the risks and dangers fans may encounter if their seat happens to be unprotected from the field by protective netting. Balls and bats may enter the spectator seating at any time during a baseball game and injure fans. Within the last few years more and more fans have been injured at baseball games.