After eight years, Mr. Payson contest returns to PHS

By: Maddie Mitchell and Orrin Hapairai of The Lion's Roar Newspaper
Contestants for Mr. Payson show off their legs for the Best Legs category.
Mr. Payson contest will be held on October 12.

The drama department is bringing back something a little bit unexpected to the students and faculty of Payson High. In the past, there have been many Miss Payson pageants with winners who have successfully represented the community. However, this year, the Mr. Payson competition has arisen, to wow and inspire the hearts of Payson High School.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Payson has been displayed. Jamilah McMurdie, famed math teacher and former cheer coach, explains that “Mr. Payson used to be a super big tradition around here, but it hasn’t happened for about eight years, so the drama department decided to bring it back.”

When brainstorming ideas for their annual fundraiser, the PHS drama department brought this historical idea to the table. Rock White, prominent drama teacher of Payson High, said that, “We were trying to think of a fun way to involve all the clubs, and to do an activity that would combine us for one performance...we have the cheerleaders that have choreographed the group number, we have brought in guest judges from the community.”

There are ten young men from PHS in the running for the title of Mr. Payson. When asked about why they decided to run for Mr. Payson, Logan Bennett, a senior, said, “I would be beyond inspired, honored everything [if I won]... I’m very spirited as it is and I might as well get the title.” Spencer Nelson, a senior, declared, “I just love this school and want to represent it well and I just want to have fun too.”

Another senior, Travis Pitcher, said, “I’m so thrilled. I’d love to leave a legacy for my younger brother when he comes to this school.”

White kindly announced during today’s Best Legs competition, “The actual Mr. Payson is Friday night at seven o'clock in the auditorium.  It is five dollars for students and six dollars general admission. It’s going to be a wonderful night celebrating all their talents and strengths of the men of Payson.” Come and support the candidates of Mr. Payson in their worthy goals.