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PHS Prom Royalty 2013

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 05/17/2013 - 12:33
By McKenzie Stubbs

On Monday April 29, PHS had an assembly to reveal to all the 2012-2013 school year prom royalty. 

In the duration of the assembly nominees from each grade were introduced and were then able to say in a video why they wanted to be prom king or queen. There were a handful of students from each grade, but only a few made it to prom royalty.

It all starts with the nominations. Friend turns on friend, sibling on sibling, and there’s no going back. Once a nominee is chosen, the suspense only builds from there. Everybody and their grandma dream of one day being prom queen or king, but only two are lucky enough to be chosen. In the end, the fate of these lucky few is in the hands of PHS student body.

Once each nominee from a grade was introduced, prom prince and princess, and eventually king and queen were brought up to the stage.

In our sophomore class, we want to recognize Tia Torres and Caesar Valencia. Loved by many, these two will definitely stand out as prince and princess.

For junior prom prince and princess, we would like to applaud Andy Salazar and Cierra Peterson.  From their charismatic good looks to their charming personalities, these two are meant to be prom royalty.

For our senior class second prom prince and princess, we have Austin Perry and Noelle Peck.  For first prom prince and princess we have Jacob Buckner and Jaisha Webb. And the honor of 2012-2013 prom king and queen goes to Monty Gates and Tanner Talley.

We all know what a big deal prom is; after all, it is the high school equivalent to the Oscars, so let’s hear it for PHS prom royalty!