February 2017

NPR host creates podcast at PHS

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Ira Glass hosts one of the world’s most popular radio podcasts called This American Life. This American Life radio podcast is broadcast all over the United States and is also broadcast internationally on over 500 stations. On January 27 Ira Glass came to Payson High School with one of his producers, Miki Meek, to interview students about the wacky ways they ask each other to dances because, believe it or not, Utah is the only place where kids ask each other to dances in creative ways.

Dancers wow audience at Paysetters Night

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On Thursday, January 19, each and every Paysetter was escorted by a loved one to the middle of a balloon arch and were recognized for all of their work throughout the year. After the introductions of the Lady Lions, a program of dances followed.

The dances consisted of many dance companies from around the area. They started with hip hop dances and transitioned to more advanced lyrical pieces. The Paysetters broke up the program by performing their military and other dances that they have been working on.

The epic war of Boys vs. Girls

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Gender Wars began on January 23, beginning with Sweatshirt Day.  The girls won wearing more sweatshirts than boys. However the boys tied up the score by winning at human foosball during lunch. The next day was Crazy Sock Day where everybody wore their amazing socks.  Girls received a point for wearing more crazy socks, then during lunch there was musical chairs and boys received a point.