November 2015

Swimming to victory

Haley Dixon

The Payson swim team recently had their first meet against Grant and Carbon in Price. Payson won the meet! The PHS swim team has been meeting since the beginning of the school year. The team has a class period together dedicated to swim practice (A4). During this period the team travels to the Provo recreation center to practice. During this team they do many strengthening drills to make them faster and stronger. The team has a total of 28 swimmers this year, while last year there were only 13 swimmers. This is a program at Payson that is definitely growing.

Winter Wonderland

Brooke Barnett

There have been rumors of a dance this December, but are they true? They are! The PTSA is in charge of the dance, and it will be called “Winter Wonderland.”


Senior Class President McKenna Charles and member of the PTSA says:

The dance will be on December 12, from 7-10 pm. It will be a semi formal dance, and you will not need a boutonniere or corsage.  The tickets will be $20 per couple and that price will include pictures. The pictures will be emailed to you. The dance is boys choice, and it will be so much fun!!

Are You REDy?

Ben Phillips

The purpose of red ribbon week is to promote our status of being drug and violence free. The assembly on November 9 kicked off the start of many activities provided by this promotion. Eric Aroca shared his inspiration, along with humor, while speaking at the Monday assembly. The main topic that he spoke about was learning to be positive and respect yourself.

Cheer and Drill teams

story by Ryan Craig Pictures by Sabryne Kelly

Payson High School’s Cheer and Drill team is the heart and soul of our school spirit. The cheer team is the reason that the student section is as exciting as possible. Also the Paysetters keep the crowd excited during halftime with their amazing performance. Both cheer and drill keep the crowd pumped even through cold football games. They perceiver through the cold so they can give a great performance.


Classroom Spotlight: Mrs. Burdick!

Cynthia Gonzalez

Mrs. Burdick's Drawing 2 class is thriving in one of the most creative learning environments in PHS. Mrs. Burdick says the goal of this class is to experiment with each students individual artistic style and helping them reach their full potential and skill mastery. Mrs. Burdick also says that her favorite thing about this class is that they’re so talented and self motivated and that they are all there because they want to be, not because they have to be. The students themselves absolutely love taking this class too!

Getting job experience for the future, today

Story and Picture by Ryan Craig

Mr. Blake is the internship coordinator for PHS. The students in his class only come once every other week, and the rest of the time they're out working for an internship of their choice. When they are in the classroom, the students learn valuable skills such as filling out an application, good interviewing skills and how to be a good worker. Mr. Blake’s class also learns how to give presentations. Throughout second term, his class will be making presentations using videos and pictures from their internships.


November Online Magazine

Broadcast Journalism & Lion's Roar Newspaper

November's online magazine, The Mane Street Journal,  is now available!  Click here:

In this issue, you can find stories on the "I am a Lion" movement, information on the proposed lion sculpture, the story behind the new Lion Gate, and so much more.  Take a look on your favorite device (phone, tablet, or computer) and let us know what you think @PaysonLions or #LionsOnFire