January 2018

Red Ribbon Competition

By Jerica Smith Newspaper
Brain Espinoza

Mrs. Searle hosted her second annual Red Ribbon Week wristband competition.This competition included her B1 class to see who could keep their Red Ribbon Week wristband on the longest. Last year the competition was a two-way tie only because the class was ending. This year, there is an official winner, Brian Espinoza. Brain said, “Sometimes i just wanted to take it off and others wanted to rip it off.” His prize was the satisfaction of winning and some wool socks.


Gaming and You!

Article and Photos by Seth Hilton
Two Gamers

Do you play games a lot? Do you love playing them? If you said yes to any of these questions then you are a gamer! Some people think gaming is bad, and they are right when it comes to some things, but that’s only if you mistreat gaming. “Wait, what do you mean by mistreat?”  Well I mean you play them when you shouldn’t be playing them instead of working on your job or schoolwork. But you can still play them when you are all done. Now I know you are going to say. “But everyone knows that!” But the things is: no one does, so get it under control.

This week at PHS

Image by Josh U.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 9

7:00   Dance Department Showcase


  • Wednesday, Jan. 10

4:00 Swimming VS Mt. View


  • Thursday, Jan. 11

7:00 Wrestling VS Uintah


  • Friday, Jan. 12- District Development Day for Certified Employees

7:00 Boys Basketball VS Mt. View

7:00 Girls Basketball @ Mt. View


This week at PHS

Image by D. Kinder
  • Monday, Jan. 1     

Happy New Year

  • Tuesday, Jan. 2

2:30 School Community Council

  •  Wednesday, Jan. 3

7:00 Boys Basketball @ Mt. Crest/Girls Basketball @ Wasatch

  • Thursday, Jan. 4

6:00 Hope Squad Training in the faculty room

7:00 Wrestling @ Wasatch

  • Friday, Jan. 5

7:00 Girls Basketball VS Orem

December Online Magazine

Harlee Huff
December Online Magazine

Twas' the night after Christmas when all through the house...everyone was scrolling through this months edition of The Mane Street Journal. We have amazing articles about school rivalries and the mighty Payson Student Section. We also have articles about Christmas singing and Payson Swim Team.We have a wonderful magazine for you this month so sit back, relax, make yourself a cup of cocoa, and enjoy this months edition of The Mane Street Journal.

Read it here.