PHS Drumline First in State

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With most of the members on the Drumline graduating the future classmen are going to have to step it up with they want to keep up the tradition that seniors have set in stone. The 2009-2010 season for Kyle Butler, Anna Brimley, Ryan Shumway, Landon Hale, Amanda Echols, Carole Abraham, Dallen Mendenhall and Melanie Madsen was their last but it was still a blast! Some of the most memorable moments for these seniors “Our final show in St. George in the fall season, coming off the field knowing that you had done amazing” said Anna.

PHS Dance Company Holds 2010 Workshop

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Last week was the Dance Company workshop, and if you were looking to try out for Dance Company, improve your dance techniques, or just looking to have a good time then the Dance Company workshop would have been great for you. We had a pretty good turn out this year including the new Dance Company teacher who came to this event. We started off by warming up with Holly Petty the recent dance teacher. Following that we had our Dance Company president Carolle Abraham teach us more about the way our body could move, through vibratory moves, percussive, swing and a few other movements.

PHS Donates More Blood Than Any Other School in the Nebo District

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Everyone loves blood drive day. You get to miss class, hang out and eat snacks in the gym, and watch your friend’s faces go white as their blood gush out of them. Broden Parkin said, “I donate blood to help others, get out of class, and get free food”. But to some, blood donation is more than an excuse to get out of class. Blood drives, despite the common rumors, are not to supply the vampire population. Blood drives provide the means to save people’s lives. 4.5 million Americans would die each year without blood transfusions.

Shawn Johnson Recieves PHS Crystal Apple Award

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           Shawn Johnson is the recipient of the 2010 Crystal Apple Award. This is a unique award given to teachers who go out of their way to provide help and friendship to the students and co-workers at their school. “I’ve never seen a person who cares more about students than him. Not only the education but about their lives too,” said fellow teacher Jeremy Chapman. Mrs. Brotherson admitted that    Shawn would hate the publicity, he doesn’t like to do things publicly; he helps each student without making a big deal about it; he keeps it quiet and to himself.

PHS Boys Soccer

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This season began with a loss of 0 to 3 to Springville on a day so windy it seemed the gods were determined to smite all soccer players. But the team isn’t letting this, or anything else stand in their way this season. “This can be a great season, if the team is willing to work hard enough” said Coach Wright. “I believe that our team is willing to work and do what it takes to be the best this season” said Broden Parkin. And work hard they do, rain or shine they keep playing soccer. Captain Clint Harold said “I am excited for this year, we have the best team, with the best players, and we are g

PHS DECCA Goes to State

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Payson High’s DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) were given an opportunity to improve their business skills during the State Competition held February 25 and 26. Six students from Payson able to attend were McKell Tew, Madison Poulson, Saige Bertschi, Erin Robbins, Braiden Muniz, and Will Parson. There were a lot of different kids there from other DECA clubs. There was a variety of over twenty events. They depended on what each person worked well at, such as travel lodging or sports and entertainment.

PHS Boys Baseball Never Gives Up

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This year our 2010 baseball team has made a remarkable appearance in the high school baseball league.   The boys have been a great example of what it is to be a true Payson Lion. Through the ups and the downs our PHS baseball players have always had a great attitude and have put forward there best efforts.   All the players have had a chance to shine when they were needed most and they did. Coach Johnson said, “Chris Robbins has been doing very well. Tyler Osborn has been hitting and catching well.” PHS baseball has had a truly remarkable impact on both the offensive side and the defensive.

The New PHS Class Officers 2010-2011

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The entire Student Council has now been selected for the 2010-2011 school year, and all those who have been elected into the class councils are freaking excited for the upcoming year. In fact, this is what they had to say: Trever Gneiting, Sr. Class President: “I’m really excited for the feeling of belonging and finally having a purpose in life. The brotherhood amongst our council will make next year super dope!” Aaron Ethridge, Sr. Class Vice-President: “I’m excited to meet new people and clean the science courtyard.” Camille Bingham, Sr.

PHS Dance Company Films at Zion National Park

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All I can say about the Dance Company tour is that it was BOO BOP! (Meaning fantastic, very fun, and exciting). On the week of Feb. 24-27th the Dance Company girls packed up their bags (about a month’s worth of baggage) to go to St. George Utah for about three days. It was a really long drive there because of the bad weather and once we got there it was about nine thirty so we just all went to sleep.   The next morning we put on our tie die shirts and sweats and headed over to Zion’s National Park where we filmed our dances on our hike to the three different levels of waterfalls.