What Really Matters Is On the Inside: A Look at PHS UCBT

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 15:17

       Everyone is different. We have different hair, different body shapes, and even different skin colors. We are all different on the outside, and we are all different on the inside too. Everyone has their own specialties on the inside. Some people love, some people care, and to be honest some people are just flat out ornery. We as a school and a community need to look what is on the inside more than the outside; being a little person myself I understand the difficulties of looking on the inside.

PHS Drill Team Adds New Members

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    Our Payson Paysetters dance to the motto “Stand Out,” and what better way to standout than by wearing zebra print? Trying to incorporate zebra print into all of their costumes is not the only way they are preparing to “Stand Out” among the other drill teams.  The drill team is prepared to challenge themselves by doing difficult pieces and pushing them selves to the limit. They are doing very creative pieces and are putting many new ideas into their routines. "We're going to be the best we can be," said Coach Judd.


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Here at Payson High, we have some top-class cheerleaders who never stop cheering for our school. Coach McMurdie said, “This year squad is incredibly talented, and full of surprises (in a good way)”.

PHS Unseen Hero: Maria Zambrano

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      Maria Zambrano is Payson High School’s Liaison for Latino students. She “bridges the gap” between Latino students, their parents, and the administration. Maria loves what she does; she thoroughly enjoys the kids she works with. She and the students laugh together, hang out together, and even cry together. “She helps people understand why school is important. She helps you with your social life, school stuff, and every other way she can,” Adriana Cruz related.

2009 PHS Cross Country Athletes Set School Records

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The Cross Country season is coming to a close with much to brag about.  With their many wins and new school records set, the team has represented Payson well.  "Cross country kids are great to work with!" said Coach Peck. The Cross Country team had an especially young team this year with most of the top runners being sophomores.  Team captains Kai Schulze and Chloe Williams ran the three mile course with times of 17:42 and 22:09.

PHS Cross Country Defeats Spanish Fork and Emery in Tri-Meet

Submitted by ts on Thu, 10/01/2009 - 09:09

The Payson High School cross country season is in full swing, and Coach Rockwood is impressed with his team. The team defeated Spanish For and Emery September 29th on the new course. "Kai Schulze led the way with a second place finish over all and a new school record," said Rockwood. Chloe Williams also finished with a second place finish and a new school record. Tyler Watson, Clayton Skousen, Blake Reynolds, Jordan Fuentes, Cody Kenison and Nathan Womack finished strong defeating Spanish Fork.

Three PHS Students Travel Europe with the All State Choir

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This summer three Payson High students had the opportunity to travel abroad with the Utah Ambassadors of Music. Kody Davis, Landon Hale, and I went to Europe with other high school students from all over Utah to share music.

PHS Pipe Band Returns from September 11th Memorial Service

Submitted by ts on Thu, 09/24/2009 - 17:14

The Payson High School bag pipe band recently returned from West Jordan where they showed their patriotism in tribute to September 11. "It was fun and really cool because we got to play for the military." said Meika Burrell. Between parades, Scottish Festivals, and competitions, the bag pipe band is in for a fun time. There is count of approximately seven members in the band and Kerri Welton is their director. Anna McClellan is the pipe major and Janette Olson is the drum major.

Rachel Ann Kersch Wins Payson Idol 2009

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Payson High School senior, Rachel Ann Kersch took home this year's Payson Idol Award. Each Idol contestant preformed a song written by their favorite singer during the opening rounds of competition held Monday through Wednesday. The final round of competition was held Thursday September 24, with stiff competition between the winners of each round performing yet another musical selection.