January 2016

Whatcha Wearin'?

Photo and Article By Sabryne Kelly

Remember when your parents make you look back at their high school pictures and all the trending clothes and hair... oh that hair, then they tell you that leg warmers were once cool? What’s cool now? One of the style trends today are Jesus Sandals, as they’ve come to be called, they’re usually worn with long socks and shorts but are they the ‘big hair’ of our era? They’re worn by both girls and boys and are popular for people who play sports.

Math Bearable?

By Annika Spencer

Math is a subject that most of us dread. We moan, groan, and complain that we are probably never going to use this at all in our lives. Ms. Stanton is one of the five math teachers here at PHS. She teaches math two honors and math three, so sophomores and juniors. With the recent math grant, Ms. Stanton is able to provide calculators to her class that stay in the classroom. When you walk into her classroom you can see all sorts of posters and sayings hanging on the wall. You can easily walk into the room and know by the labelings on the drawers where to find a certain item. Ms.

Senior Night Wrestling

By: Madeleine White

Payson’s wrestling program, has always been a HUGE claim to fame for the school, and our wrestling program wouldn’t be as successful without our amazing senior wrestlers.  The coaches, parents, and student body all honored these five boys on January 20 for Payson’s last home dual of the season. Rustin Cloward, Emilio Leiva, Lionel Renteria, Wyatt Thomas, and Adam Marck represented Payson with class, strength, and honor this season. And the school and program is sad to say goodbye to these outstanding wrestlers.

Payson High School’s Amazing Counseling Secretaries

Brooke Barnett

The counseling secretaries, Mrs. White and Mrs. Hall keep the counseling center running by completing the tasks needed to be done, and helping the students with their needs here at PHS. They do many things from answering phone calls, to printing schedules and transcripts, to scheduling appointments with the counselors for the students. They always have a positive attitude and keep things fun in the counseling center. They have many TA’s that help run counselor notes, and all the TA’s love these counseling secretaries.

Mr. Allred

By Cynthia Gonzalez

Our drama and film history teacher sure does have a passion for his career! Mr. Allred has done an amazing job with helping our theater students reach their full potential and introducing to the wonderful world of plays and cinemas. Sitting in during class there were many great points to his ways of teaching. There were so many imaginative lessons that really engaged the students interest when he taught his drama classes. In his film history classes the lessons were very informative  and entertaining as he showed clips that were not only informational, but fun at the same time.

A BLUE Christmas

By: Ryan Craig

Is technology hurting or saving you? According to Webmd.com,” seasonal depression is still a mystery to some scientists, but researchers agree that seasonal affective disorder is affected by the amount of light that people see.” Technology has caught up to this horrible seasonal disease. Costco is now selling something called a “Happy Light”. All you do is keep it in your room and look at the special light every morning. Light therapy may only work for some people, but that is only one of many ways you can beat the winter blues.

Payson vs Springville

Ben Phillips

The girls basketball team of Payson High gave it their all on the 9th of January, kicking off big plays to come for the year of 2016. While they did try their best, unfortunately, Springville took home the win. With a respectable score of 56 to 23, Springville was surely a tough competitor. But our team will learn from this experience, and further improve their skills to be victorious again.

Deaf Awareness: ASL

By: Madeleine White

A catcher gives a sign to the pitcher to direct them; football players huddle up after every play; lights of ambulances, firetrucks, and police cars ring throughout the cities--and even more than that--each and every one of you pull out your phone to text people constantly throughout the day.  These are things that affect all of you every single day, but are you aware that all of those things come from deaf culture?  So many things throughout each of our days are influenced by the deaf culture, yet nobody really acknowledges the deaf culture.