September 2015

Best Class There Is

Written by: Ryan Craig Pictures by: Annika Spencer

Mrs. Liddle has one of the best classes in this school.  Her class has very diverse learners who come from all walks of life.  They have unique challenges that make for a unique learning environment.  No matter their skill level students in Mrs. Liddle’s Special Needs class bring an amazing feeling to the school.

Girls Soccer: Payson vs Spanish Fork

Written by: Madeleine White

Thursday, September 24 was a big day for Payson’s Girls Soccer team. This was the day they would play rival school, Spanish Fork. Weeks earlier, when these two teams played for the first time, Payson lost a heartbreaker in over-time 3-2. Payson, ready to get their revenge, kicked off the game very strong, and very ready to fight. Both teams played very strong offensively and defensively, but Spanish Fork managed to get a goal in the 40th minute and right before half time.

Homecoming Week

Brooke Barnett

We had a very successful homecoming week here at Payson High School. For this year's week, we had a Harry Potter theme. This theme was tied into all the activities very well.

Hashtags of the Week

#LionsOnFire was voted as Hashtag of the Year for students to share the amazing things they are accomplishing.  This first week we are featuring posts from Annika and Daisha.  Congrats on winning Hashtags of the Week!

Classroom Spotlight: What the "Hill" are you doing?

Sabryne Kelly

Mr. Hill has been known to be very colorful in his language, but how does he teach? Is he really a good teacher? What the Hill really does happen in that classroom? Mr. Hill teaches, Health Science, Anatomy, Physiology, and Sports Medicine. Anybody who's had these classes will tell you that Mr. Hill yells a lot, however they also will tell you he is one of their favorite teachers. Why? Besides being an ex-green beret, Mr. Hill makes sure to keep his students happy by staying lively himself.


Hashtag of the Week

Ben Phillips

The 2015-2016 hashtag of the year is “#LionsOnFire”. This is a way for the people of Payson High to share our greatest achievements and moments. You asked, and we have answered your pleas. Once you have witnessed something amazing, or just feel like letting the people know how you feel, you can enter your message into any social media with the hashtag “#LionsOnFire” and have a chance for your voice to be heard. Let everyone know your stance on math being a form of torture or why lunch should count as an art credit, the possibilities are endless!

Unplugging without FOMO

Haley Dixon

Cell phones are a necessary part of a teenager's life. However, some teens have a hard time putting down the cell phone and enjoying time without it. Read for tips on how to do this.

Boys Golf @ Gladstan

Ben Phillips

September 9, was a big day for the Payson Boy’s Golf Team. It was a decently weathered day, and these boys have trained hard. Although I know little about golf, I know that they played hard, and gave it their all. That Wednesday, they left for the Gladstan Golf Course in Payson at 11 a.m. Once they arrived, it was game on. “It’s great to see these young men competing against each other, but also show great sportsmanship.” -Anonymous Parent.


Payson Onion Days

Written by: Annika Spencer

Payson Onion Days is one of my favorite events. There are always so many fun activities to enjoy. The best part for me is watching it all get put together. Many of these activities included:  the carnival, the parade, the fireworks, family barbeques, etc.  

The carnival was fun as always... the rides, the candied apples, and walking through the booths set up throughout Memorial park. The parade was quite big this year with around 100 entries, whether you participated in the parade or sat and watched, it was very enjoyable.  

Payson High Girl's Tennis VS Richfield

Annika Spencer

On a very hot Wednesday afternoon, the Payson girl’s tennis team hosted Richfield High School.  It was a very exciting match with lots of laughter and jokes between old friends.  Before Payson got moved into the 4A region, they were 3A and Richfield was one of their region competitors.   Staci Snow, Sydney Degraw, and some of the JV players won their matches.  They didn’t capture the win, but they did get to have fun and practice some of the strategy taught to them by their coaches.